Pancakes Just Became AWESOME

When people think of pancakes, most will nostalgically recall the light, fluffy, buttery pancakes of moms and grandmas flipped form frying pan to the plates of grinning wide-eyed kids. Pancakes have come a long way since the ones your grandma made. In the last several years, pancakes have been elevated to high-brow recipes that incorporate specialty baking flours, rare spices, cream cheese, even truffles. Pancakes have also been recruited into the sports nutrition arena, with recipes and mixes that contain added protein. They have even been repurposed for other meals besides breakfast. There are also keto options that are made with nut flours. Basically the pancake has been appropriated by every diet fad and culinary culture imaginable. Why? Because people love pancakes and want any excuse they can get to make them and eat them.


Why does the world need another pancake mix, other than the aforementioned universal love? The answer: Because we can do better. How often would you eat pancakes if you had a mix that actually provided a healthy way to fuel your busy day; a mix without a bunch of added sugar or unnecessary manufactured flavors and fats; a mix that provided additional protein and healthy fats from super foods found in nature? Our new Awesome Cakes is the next generation of pancake and waffle mix innovation that eliminates all of the unnecessary junk, and includes the nutritional density you need to get out there and grind away. 


Made with just 9 real whole food ingredients, including our new proprietary Super Seed Flour, AWESOME Cakes provides some pretty impressive functional benefits such as:

  • They are free of the top 8 allergens including gluten, dairy and nuts. 
  • A complete source of protein from US grown organic yellow peas.
  • Resistant starch for improved insulin sensitivity and gut health.
  • Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system.
  • Essential fatty acids including omega-three fats to support hearth health.


Are they easy to make? Does a bear you know what in the woods? All you need is three extra ingredients you likely have in your firm right now and within a few minutes your in business. How do they taste? Light, fluffy, a touch of nuttiness that makes you smile. Frankly the best dang pancakes or waffles you’ve ever had! AWESOME Cakes are going to make you rethink your pancake and waffle game, and give you a super solid reason to eat pancakes a lot more often and whenever the heck you want! 

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