Sports are BACK! (Also, how did we ever make this all happen before??)

Spring is almost here and things that we did pre-pandemic are starting the return. Yay!! However, if you’re at all like me, you’ve adjusted to this slower pace of life with far less on the calendar. It was very challenging at first, but now that we’ve got a year under our belts we’ve gotten the hang of it!


But hold on, now sports are starting up again – practices, games, the whole nine yards. (A sports reference, just for good measure!) Do you remember what that was like?? It was wonderful, but man it was BUSY! Let me refresh your memory - Kid 1 has practice 5:30-6:30 on Monday and Wednesday, Kid 2 has practice 5:45-6:45 on Wednesday and Thursday, Kid 1 and 2 have games on Saturdays, but Kid 1 is in Town A and Kid 2 is in Town B and those games will span a total of four hours. And everyone is always hungry!


I’m as excited as the next parent for someone that resides outside of our home to be delivering instructions to my children, but the logistics! Oh the logistics. I have picked up one useful hack during the past year that I feel will help prepare for this impending transition of driving everyone everywhere and becoming one with my vehicle – the Bangarang instant protein pudding. I vividly remember loading up a bag with snack bars, fruit snacks, maybe an actual piece of fruit or two, and whatever else I could find in the pantry. The kid not playing the sport would make it through those snacks in what seemed like a matter of minutes, and then without fail attempt to obtain one of the teams snacks at the end of the game or practice. Remember that? The trials and tribulations of the snacks? I feel armed and ready with Bangarang now though!

This snack is super easy to make, Kid 1 and Kid 2 can each have one in the car on the way to or from practice/games/life, or you can be the rock star parent and bring these for a team snack. The flavors are great and beyond that, I feel GREAT about giving this snack to my kids. (That is not how I felt about the feedbag of snacks from before!) It leaves them feeling full but not too full, replaces everything they’re burning off at practice, and did I mention it tastes great? My husband has even adopted this as a post-bike ride snack. I’m going to have to start hiding it if I want to have any for myself! (Which I’m not above doing, I’ve had to learn skills like this in the past year!)

So, if you want an assist with preparing for this looming transition, give Bangarang a shot. (Done with the sports references now, I promise!) And best of luck to all the parents out there!


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