The word Bangarang is a cheer used by Peter Pan’s Lost Boys. Roughly translated, it stands for all things awesome. It represents the idea that with imagination, we can transform drab and ordinary into something wonderful. That is exactly what we did with Bangarang.

First, we combined healthy and wholesome ingredients that, by themselves, are not necessarily exciting. Sure, high protein is beneficial; vitamins from organic fruits are important, so is dietary fiber and gluten-free carbs, but fun? Usually not so much. However, we flipped that notion by combining them with a touch of fun ingredients like fair trade chocolate chips, confetti sprinkles and marshmallows. What! Marshmallows?? Yeah, marshmallows. We did all this in a way that delivers something truly unexpected and delicious. Why? Because food is one of the most fundamental and powerful of all human experiences. It makes every other experience all the more memorable.

Delicious food floods us with the nostalgia of being in your grandma’s kitchen, licking the spoon from the batter bowl. Delicious food rounds out the rough edges of a bad day, helps celebrate the good days, and it’s even better when shared. There is no reason for food to be boring or bland, and there is no reason to sacrifice fun and delicious for wholesome and healthy. In fact, when you put them all together, it equals BANGARANG!
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