Yep (Some good old H20) water works great! Good thing, you can find water just about anywhere! Any type of milk will do! (regular, goat, almond, cashew or oat). Adding milk will add a whole other level of creaminess (So indulge yourself every now and then).


Add three ounces of water, mix well until it is completely blended (about 20 seconds) and eat up!

Hint: Great for adults or older kids lunches/afternoon snacks at work or school. Just throw in a cup of any flavor of Bangarang, a bottle of water and spoon and you’re good to go!

Super Creamy Pudding: Add three ounces of milk. Mix well until it is completely blended (about 20 seconds). Place in the fridge for about 20 minutes, (or overnight if you want it for the morning). This will make some of the creamiest pudding you’ve ever had!

Hint: This one is great for throwing into a younger kids lunch box. The re-closable lid seals tight so no spilling. Throw in a plastic spoon and It’s all ready to eat!

Got an extra 45 seconds for a truly awesome experience? Cuz that’s all it takes to make it. Add your three ounces of water or milk. Mix well until it is completely blended (about 20 sec- onds). Then, with lid off, put in the microwave for approxi- mately 45 seconds, and it will come out like fluffy cake with a molten lava center! WHOOOAAAT!

Warning: Contents will be hot, so like your mom would say, blow on it before you bite in :)

Hint: Who doesn’t get an occasional sweet tooth at night? This one has night time snack written all over it! Only, with BANGARANG, you can indulge guilt free while getting more valuable protein. Got a kid in sports trying to gain weight/muscle? This will help. Add more calories by using whole milk , as well as adding nut butters, and/ or ice cream.

Want a full on cake? No problem. Just add another 10 to 15 seconds of cook time and you will a full “Baked” version of the lava-cake.

Warning: Contents will be hot, so like your mom would say, blow on it before you bite in :)

Hint: The ultimate afternoon snack/coffee break. Walk away from your desk or study area and spend just a little over one minute to create a delicious craft cup cake by adding just 3 ounces of water and stirring it in. Then put in the microwave on high for one minute. Grab a glass of milk or cup of coffee and, voila. Afternoon made!

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