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The word Bangarang stands for all things awesome! It represents the idea that with imagination, we can transform drab and ordinary into something wonderful. That is exactly what we did with Bangarang.

First, we combined healthy and wholesome ingredients that, by themselves, are not necessarily exciting. Sure, high protein is beneficial; vitamins from organic fruits are important, so is dietary fiber and gluten-free carbs, but fun? Usually not so much. However, we flipped that notion by combining them with a touch of fun ingredients like fair trade chocolate chips, confetti sprinkles and marshmallows. What! Marshmallows?? Yeah, marshmallows. We did all this in a way that delivers something truly unexpected and delicious. Why? Because food is one of the most fundamental and powerful of all human experiences. It makes every other experience all the more memorable.

Delicious food floods us with the nostalgia of being in your grandma’s kitchen, licking the spoon from the batter bowl. Delicious food rounds out the rough edges of a bad day, helps celebrate the good days, and it’s even better when shared. There is no reason for food to be boring or bland, and there is no reason to sacrifice fun and delicious for wholesome and healthy. In fact, when you put them all together, it equals BANGARANG!

Our Mission

Bangarang can be characterized in three words: Imagination, Joy and Hope, and these are represented as part of our logo. The color blue represents the imagination inspired by starring at the blank canvas of a clear blue sky. The color yellow represents the joy you feel on a bright sunny day, and the color red represents the warmth of hope.

Creating wonderful products that help bring a smile to your face is one of our most important objectives, but we also stand for a larger mission of helping to provide hope for those who are not as fortunate as you and me. When you purchase BANGARANG, you are not just nourishing yourself with imaginative and fun products, but you are also helping to support one the most precious resources we have in this world, our kids. A portion of all of our proceeds is used to support organizations that provide shelter, food and valuable resources to at risk and homeless youth.

The Lost Boys came to be a symbol for all orphan children, and Peter Pan a symbol of a hero and guardian. In the real world, an alarming number of children and young adults are all alone on the streets, having become all but invisible to much of our society. Continuously let down by adults and a system that works against their very survival, they have become the equivalent of throw-away kids. Recent statistics from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development state that, on any given night, over 550,000 youth were found to be experiencing homelessness in the United States, and at least 4.2 million young people experience a form of homelessness in a given year. That is absolutely not ok with us! It is our goal to help every single one of these children and young people off of the streets and into shelters that give them good food, warm beds and ultimately the resources and love needed to help them not just survive, but thrive.

We truly hope that you thoroughly enjoy every Bangarang product your purchase from us, and encourage you to join us in creating awareness of and support for our kids. #nolostboysorgirls

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